Fusion Procedures

The Fast Fusion procedure is for butt fusion joining of PE pipe produced in accordance with the industry standards intended for butt fusion. Pipe joining for gas, water distribution, wastewater, industrial, irrigation, mining, etc., as well as PE fittings and other approved PE products for pressurized and non-pressurized applications.


Fast Fusion is not a separate fusion procedure and is a proprietary technology & innovation to the HDPE and pipeline construction industries. The technology is used with industry pipe joining fusion procedures and is an added product to industry known & accepted fusion equipment. 

Fast Fusion products are being used extensively in energy development, clean water, wastewater, irrigation, environmental, and mining projects in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India. We continue to expand to other geographic locations worldwide. 

Our primary objective is to create the safest and the most controlled work environment to eliminate failed fusions in the welding of PE pipe. It was through our scientific data of improving the methods of welding the pipe that it was determined that the technology developed significantly increased efficiencies and productivity. Increased production per hour is secondary to the elimination of failed fusion welds.

The technology Fast Fusion is used within the butt fusion jointing procedures for polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings under the ISO and ASTM standards for low pressure, dual pressure and high pressure fusion parameters and welding equipment. The use of Fast Fusion does not change the pipe joining procedure in the welding of the pipe and has been scientifically proven that the use does not affect the fusion or parent material in any way. 

Fast Fusion test standards & qualification procedures are the same as the pipe manufacturers and are more stringent than the industry used fusion equipment that is approved to complete  the actual fusion.